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"Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here? A Plea For More Research Into Hot Flushes" Morgan & Fenlon 2013 Clinical Oncology.

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EBCC 2014 poster presented

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NCRI 2013 poster presented

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UKONS 2013 poster presented

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SABCS 2013 poster presented

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Hot Flushes Questionaire:

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Relevant publications re: sexuality and breast cancer

Taylor et al (2011) Interventions for sexual problems following treatment for breast cancer: a systematic review. Breast Cancer Res Treat 13.:711-724

Taylor et al 2011.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [363.1 KB]

Schover et al (2014) Sexual problems during the first 2 years of adjuvant treatment with aromatase inhibitors Int Soc for Sexual Medicine 11:3102-3111

Adobe Acrobat document [104.5 KB]
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